When a workflow is applied to a page or blog post, the workflow status bar will be added below the page/blog heading:

1. Workflow state

The name of the current workflow state is shown next to a colored status indicator circle. If the circle is filled, it means you are assigned to a content review.

You can choose the State link to open the workflow popup:

2. Workflow tasks

If a workflow has outstanding tasks, you'll see a Tasks link, and the number of remaining tasks, next to the current workflow state.

Choose the Tasks link to open the tasks popup:

If you see a blue dot on the tasks icon, it means you are assigned to one or more of the tasks. The blue dot will also appear next to your assigned tasks in the tasks popup.

Tasks can be added automatically by the workflow on the transition into a state and (if enabled) manually by users:

  • mouse-over each task to manually edit, assign or delete the task.
  • to mark a task as completed, tick the checkbox for a task and select the displayed Complete button.

When all tasks are complete, the link will show No Tasks, or simply disappear.

3. Workflow with published content in the final state

If the workflow has a final (published) state and the content has previously been published:

  • the status bar in a draft state will include a link to the published content In the published (final) state.

  • the status bar in the published state will include a link to the current draft state content if the content is being edited (or awaiting review). 

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