Workflow builder can be used to examine and edit various aspects of a workflow.  It is also a graphical way to create custom workflows without using the more complex markup language.

It can be an easier way to understand and communicate the document life-cycles within your organization.

Workflow builder can also be an effective tool when starting a new project with a customer or stakeholder.

Workflow Builder

In workflow builder:

  • the right-hand panel displays a visual flowchart for the workflow. This is the Navigator panel.
  • the left-hand panel displays the workflow components. This is the Workflow panel.

You can choose the buttons to zoom in and out of the Navigator panel and, click and drag the flowchart to move it around.

Workflow builder can be used to:

Workflow triggers cannot be created graphically using workflow builder. Triggers are added to the workflow in workflow builder by copying and pasting the trigger markup to the advanced option in the Edit workflow panel.

Triggers are recorded and displayed in workflow builder as Rules  showing the type of event change and the related state.

Rules can only be changed by editing the trigger markup.