What is a Comala Document Management Workflow?

A workflow codifies a business or compliance process into...

States and Transitions

These define the milestones (states) and routes between them (transitions) of your process.


Workflow tasks provide similar functionality to Confluence tasks, however they are stored at page level rather than in the content itself. You can configure a state to allow tasks to be added manually by a user and/or a configure your workflow to add tasks automatically.

Content Reviews

Reviews are key events in the content production lifecycle, where reviewers check the content and decide whether it can progress to the next state. Each content review (approval) can be configured to manage the users who are assigned to undertake the review.

Events → TriggersActions

As users interact with content and the workflow, events are sent which can be used to trigger actions. Use these to augment the content production process and automate workflow transitions.

Workflow Templates

Comala Document Management workflows are scripted using macro notation, which is stored in a template. Templates can then be applied to individual pages (in Page Mode), or all content within a space (in Space Mode).

See: TemplatesMacrosExamples


This guide is aimed at workflow authors – people who are creating workflow templates at the content, space and global level.