User read confirmation

As a user, if you have been assigned to read a page, you will see the Confirm option at the bottom of the page.  Simply click this button to confirm you have read the page.

If the current user has not been assigned as a reader, no Confirm link will be shown.

Page editors and admins will have access to the detailed read confirmation popup by clicking this read confirmation double-tick icon at the top of the page or the page footer breadcrumb.

Read confirmation detailed view

The read confirmation popup will provide details on

  • who has been assigned to confirm reading the content (the readers)
  • when each assigned reader read confirmation occurred
  • the content version when each reader confirmation occurred
  • the time period remaining for any read  confirmation due date

Page editors and admins can use the ellipsis menu in the popup to

The due date icon is used to set and/or amend due dates for the read confirmation.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more