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6.0- or later

Read Confirmation Data Migration

As part of the updates in this release to bring the read confirmation feature to the all the apps in the Comala Document Management Family a manual upgrade is required.  This update is only required if you have previously used the read confirmation feature in your site.

Upgrade Steps

  • Update the application to the 6.5 release
  • Go to the following url on your site: <base-url>/admin/confirmReadConfirmationRecordsMigration.action
  • Confirm you need to run the migration action and start the process using the button provided.
  • Once the migration is complete confirm you can see read confirmation records on a page that previously had that feature enabled.

Upgrading directly to the latest version

If you are upgrading directly to the latest version you do not need to do any interim upgrades.

If you are currently using read-ack macro, you will still need to run the following script after the upgrade to the latest version.


It will show if any records need to be migrated.