Workflow names

All workflows must now specify a name parameter on the {workflow} macro.

Rebuild search index

You will need to rebuild the Confluence search index after you have upgraded.

Confluence 5.9 – Search Filters

New CQL Fields have been added which can be used for Confluence Macros features.

Confluence 5.10 – Audit log

As of Confluence 5.10, Comala Workflows will use the main Confluence Audit Log instead of the Audit Log - Space Tools and Audit Log - Global screens. Existing entries on the old screens will still be available to view, but all future logs will be sent to the Confluence Audit Log.


In some scenarios where a user account is not responsible for a workflow interaction, such as Expiry Dates, pseudo users "Comala Workflows" or "Anonymous" will be used in the activity log and notifications. For more details, see:

Administration interface updates

The administration interface was updated in version 4.8. For details see:

User interface updates

The user interface has been significantly improved in version 5.x. For details see:

Integrations & APIs