If the workflow uses same-space publishing, the workflow will treat the published version of content differently to draft (unpublished) versions:

  • by default, users with View-only permission will only see the most recently published version – they can't see draft versions
  • users who have Edit or Admin permission can see all versions, and easily switch between the latest published and draft versions

In same-space publishing, the published version is the version created on a transition into the final state in the workflow.

Editing of content in the  final state will create a new version but the published version will remain as the version created on transition into this state.

This is why it is good practice to transition out of the final state if the content is changed, for example by adding an updated transition to the  final state.

Status bar links

If both published and draft versions are available, you will see an additional link, in parentheses, on the workflow status bar:

The link with the circle (in the example above,  Initial, is the version you are currently viewing.

The link in brackets (in the example above, Published) will take you to the alternate version of the page.

In the published (final) state, the status bar will also display an additional link if there is content being edited in a draft state.

URL for published content

When switching between draft and published content, you may notice that the URL changes.

For example, if the draft content was at the following URL:


The published content could be found at:


Note the insertion of /public in the URL. 

This only applies to users who have edit or admin permissions, as two URLs are required to differentiate between which version of content they are looking at.

Ordinary users, with view-only permission, will always see the normal URL.

App configuration

Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility
Determines which users can see unpublished drafts.
Default ViewDetermines whether published or draft content is seen by default.
Published View Macro Transform
Determines whether {include} and {excerpt-include} macros display most recently published version or, regardless of workflow state, the latest version of content.

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