Suppliers provide access to data and other values in a simple but flexible manner, giving apps access to information they would not normally have.

They are mostly used for apps made by ServiceRocket, such as:

However, they can also be used by any compatible app, such as Comala Document Management. In addition, Comala Document Management provides its own Supplier – the Workflow Supplier – which can be used in ServiceRocket apps and any other compatible app.

Where can they be used

They can be used in any macro that supports Value References or Conditions – see Conditions, Content and Value References for a list.

Available suppliers

How to use them

First, you must install the Reporting for Confluence app – this provides a numerous Suppliers, but more importantly it enables their use via Parameter Injection.

You can access information from any ServiceRocket-compatible Supplier by using a Supplier Keychain, without the "%" symbols, in a Value Reference.

For example, if you want to display a message when a page is updated, but only if that page has child pages, you could use the children key of the Page Supplier. It will return a list (a collection), which can be inspected using a Collection Supplier to determine the number of child pages via its size key. We can use this in a custom Condition on a {trigger} macro and also in the body of a {set-message} macro like so:

{workflow:name=Check child pages}
   {state:Test|description=Update the page to test the trigger}
   {trigger:pageupdated|state=Approved|@content:children > size@=!0}
      {set-message}Please check the content of the @content:children > size@ child page(s){set-message}

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