In various parts of the interface and in reports, you will see a circle followed by a workflow state name. The circle indicates the nature of the state and, in some cases, whether the current user is currently assigned to a content review.

Note: Colors listed on this page are app defaults; they can be overridden by the color parameter on a {state} macro.


The various circles are summarized below (click image to zoom).


For more details on published vs. unpublished (drafts) – see Publishing.


Permission to view?View ContentEdit Content, AdminsView Content

If the workflow has a state with final=true, then Edit Content or Admins.

Otherwise, View Content.

NotesThe workflow does not define a published state.Affected by Configuration - Space Toolsfinal=true

Current state missing from the workflow template.

See - Confused States - Grey Circle.

Alternatively, an invalid value for the color parameter is used in the {state} macro.

If there is an existing published version, view-only users will see that.

Editors will generally see the published version by default but can switch to the draft version using the status bar link.

App configuration

Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility
Determines which users can see unpublished drafts.
Default ViewDetermines whether published or draft content is seen by default.
Published View Macro Transform
Determines whether {include} and {excerpt-include} macros display the most recently published version or, regardless of workflow state, the latest version of the content.

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