Standalone read confirmation

If there is no active workflow on a page or on a blog post, a standalone Read Confirmation can be added to the individual page or blog post.

Any page editor can add users to request read confirmation of the content. The read confirmation by the user is tracked against the page version.

This confirmation will always record readers as having read the latest version of a page.

Add a standalone read confirmation

A page editor can choose to Add Read Confirmation using the page action menu.

The Add Read Confirmation option will NOT be available

  • if a workflow is active on the page
  • if page workflows are not allowed on the page

A standalone Read Confirmation is added to the content.

Read Confirmation breadcrumbs (double-tick icon) are added next to the page navigation header and to the page footer.

The page footer also includes a textual message about the current progress of the read confirmation.

Adding Readers

Any page editor can add a read confirmation request for one or more users through the read confirmation pop-up accessed through either of the added breadcrumbs.

The pop-up tracks each requested user read confirmation.

The read confirmation status is Pending if the read confirmation has been added and no readers are assigned, or if all assigned readers have not yet confirmed reading the content.

Completing a requested read confirmation

Each individual requested read confirmation is undertaken by the user (the reader) choosing the Confirm link in the page footer.

A dialogue box asks the reader to confirm they have read the content.

Choose OK to confirm.

The read confirmation popup is updated.

  • if all outstanding user read confirmations are completed the requested read confirmation status for the page is identified in the pop-up as CONFIRMED

Note: individual read confirmations do not need to be undertaken for the same version for the overall status to be CONFIRMED.

If the content version changes and your business or team practice requires all read confirmations to be for the same version, a page editor can choose to resend the request read confirmation for all readers who had previously confirmed the reading of the content.

The read confirmation breadcrumbs on the page will be displayed in context to the progress of the read confirmation and for the current user.

  • header breadcrumb displays overall progress for the content read confirmation
  • double-tick icons will be green if all assignees have confirmed

Individual reader read confirmations are specific to the content version at the time of each individual reader completing the requested read confirmation.

A read confirmation status is CONFIRMED when all requested users (readers) have confirmed reading the content, but these individual reader confirmations may have been completed for different versions of the content.

Requested read confirmations can

Removing a standalone read confirmation

Use the page tools menu to remove a standalone read confirmation.

You will need to confirm the removal of the read confirmation.

The read confirmation history is retained. It will only be visible when another read confirmation is added.

An on-screen message confirms removal.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more