In Space Mode, workflows are applied to all content in a space (optionally filtered by label or content type) and templates are centrally managed. Recommended for production use!

  • Workflows applied automatically on page creation
  • Space admin chooses which templates to apply
  • Templates are centrally managed at Space / Global level
  • Changes to the template affect all content using that template

How do I enable Space Mode?

You'll need space admin privileges.

Add one or more templates to the Document Management tab ("Document Management Dashboard") – it should look a bit like this:

Only one workflow can be applied to content at any one time. Making a workflow active in the Document Management space dashboard will override any active page workflows in the space.

  • the active workflow placed highest in the dashboard will be the workflow applied across all the content in the space.
  • content labels can be used to filter the application of a space workflow, allowing more than one active workflow to be applied in the space but across different content based on the label filter.
  • space scope workflows can be edited, copied or removed using the ellipsis menu option.

If a workflow is added to the dashboard with a global scope:

  • it remains linked to the global template.
  • any changes to the global workflow template will be implemented in this space.
  • this global template is automatically active and will override all other active space scope workflows.
  • it can only be edited at the global level.
  • it cannot be deactivated. It must be removed from the space.

Where do I manage templates?

Both Space and Global scoped templates can be used:

Templates can also be imported:

App configuration

Space Workflows

Configuration - Global

Confluence Admins can limit which spaces are allowed to use Space Mode.