You can integrate the Seibert Media Linchpin Theme app

 (warning) The Linchpin Theme app is still supported by Siebert Media but has been archived from 2021-06-23.

You will need

  • Linchpin Theme app version 2.2.0+
  • Comala Document Management  v4.17.1+

(info) From July 2021 the Linchpin Theme app is now part of the Linchpin Essentials Theme and Profiles app.

You will need

  • Linchpin Essentials Theme and Profiles app version 1.1.1+
  • Comala Document Management  v4.17.1+

If you are running either the Linchpin Theme app or Linchpin Essentials Theme and Profiles app for Comala Document Management compatibility (v6.14.0+) you will need to disable the Document Actions Dashboard in Comala Document Management global configuration.

When disabled this means any pending document actions for the current user are not displayed on the Confluence dashboard.

In addition, Siebert Media lists any requirements to ensure compatibility with other 3rd party apps on their documentation page Linchpin Code Snippets.

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