This example requires that you have the ServiceRocket Scaffolding Forms and Templates app and the ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence app installed.

  • if the reporting app is not installed, the value retrieved will be empty


First, complete the following ServiceRocket list-data tutorial: Using Confluence User Names as Options

The Supplier References to the three lists are as follows:

@data:Project Manager@
@data:Tech Writers@

Note that the list names are case-sensitive, and must be typed exactly as defined in the Scaffold.

Sending emails to users defined in Scaffolding list-data

You could use these references in conjunction with the {send-email} macro, for example:

{workflow:name=List email}
      {send-email:user=@data:Project Manager@,@data:Developers@,@data:Tech Writers@|subject=Review started}
         Please review @pagelatest@

The scaffolding data will always be returned from the latest version of the content. Be aware that this version can be a draft content state in the applied workflow.