This example shows how to authenticate reviewers during a content review.

If you need extra confidence that the reviewer is the owner of the logged-in user account, use the credentials parameter on the {approval} macro.

Security Warning

Just like Confluence login, the username and password are sent as plain text. It is strongly recommended to run Confluence over SSL or HTTPS


{workflow:name=Reviewer Authentication}
      {approval:Review Content|credentials=2}

Authentication level

There are three levels of authentication to choose from:

  • 0 – must be logged in (member of confluence-users group) – default
  • 1 – additionally, must confirm Password
  • 2 – additionally, must confirm Username

The requirements stack, so a value of 2 would mean: Logged in + Password + Username.

The password and username, as applicable, must match that of the logged in user.

Authentication Implementation

The user credentials are authenticated using the internal Confluence authentication API.  This means this feature will support users that are setup within Confluence or external directory users that perform authentication through Confluence.  Single Sign On solutions that are not setup as authentication directories within Confluence are not supported

Logging Invalid Credentials

Enable INFO level logging on the com.comalatech.confluence.workflow.DefaultApprovalManager class to log approvals, rejections and invalid credentials.

An example of the log file output is shown below:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2013-05-15 14:51:31,035 INFO [http-1990-6] [comalatech.confluence.workflow.DefaultApprovalManager] approvePage user: admin pageId: 983156 approval: Review approved: true error: Invalid credentials

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