From Comala Document Management v6.16.6, you can use CQL format filters in the Comala Document Management document states report macro to create a report like this. See CQL filter - reporting pages that have been approved or expired in a time period for an example.


This example requires the ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence app.


The following report uses the {workflow-reporter} macro to list all the pages in the AWP space which have a current workflow state of For Review.

It then filters those results, using the date-filter, to only include pages that have been in the same state for more than two weeks (from the current date).

 {workflow-reporter:spaces=AWP|states=For Review}
  {date-filter:workflow:state > date|maxValue=-2w}

 {report-column:title=Last published}{report-info:states > Published > date > dd/MMM/yyyy}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=Send for review on}{report-info:workflow:state > date > dd/MMM/yyyy}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=Last Updated}{report-info:content:modification date > dd/MMM/yyyy}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=Last Updated By}{report-info:content:modifier > full name|link=true}{report-column}
 {report-column:title=Tasks?}{report-info:workflow:tasks > 1 > name}{report-column}

  There are no pending pages