These are the ways you can keep track of workflow tasks...

At a glance

The outstanding number of tasks to complete are shown on the workflow status bar

In detail

See task descriptions, any assignees, and due dates on the tasks popup

A blue dot indicates tasks you're assigned to as the current user.

Mouse over a task to view options to edit the task, add or edit assignees or delete the task

Use the checkbox to confirm completion of a task.

In context

View tasks in context of other actions on the current content (page or blog post) in the Activity Report - Content

In summary

See a summary of all tasks in a space with the Tasks Report - Space Tools

Use the report filters to

  • view completed, active or all tasks
  • view tasks by assignee

Assigned to you

See lists of tasks assigned to you:

With macros

Add your own reports:

With search filters

Use workflow filters in Confluence search:

Requires Workflows 5.1 and Confluence 5.8 or above.