Read confirmation popup menu

The ellipsis menu in the read confirmation popup allows page editors and admins to:

Edit readers

Choose Edit readers to add readers.

Search user(s), check the box(es).

Choose Save to add users as readers.

You can also use Edit readers to remove users as readers, simply uncheck the box for each user and Save to update users assigned as readers.

You can manually remove any reader, whether confirmed, unconfirmed or added by the workflow.

Reader confirmations

Individual reader confirmations are tracked in the popup. 

Mouse over the green tick icon to view the date of confirmation for each reader.

Read confirmation status will remain as PENDING until all assigned readers have confirmed (or OVERDUE if an added read confirmation duedate has expired).

Send new request

Choose Send new request to reset individual reader confirmations.

The new request is only for readers who have already confirmed.

The read confirmation status will be PENDING (or OVERDUE if an added read confirmation due date has expired) after the new request.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more: