Pages and blog posts can have a read confirmation function added. The read confirmation feature allows workflow authors to request that users confirm they have read certain content.

A read confirmation can be added to content as either:

By default users assigned as readers to a read confirmation will receive notifications for read confirmation events. Read confirmation notifications can be disabled in global admin or space tools.

Standalone Read Confirmation

standalone read confirmation can be added to a page or blog post using the page action menu.

The double-tick read confirmation status icon will be displayed on the page header.

Workflow Read Confirmation

workflow read confirmation (if enabled for the workflow) can be added to the final state (or published) content when a reviewer Approve decision occurs and the workflow transitions to the final state. 

A read confirmation breadcrumb is also added to the page footer contextualized to the current user. If you have been assigned to read a page, you will see the Confirm option at the bottom of the page. 

Simply choose Confirm to record that you have read the content.

Assigning users to a Read Confirmation

One or more users can be assigned to read a specific page or blog post and requested to confirm reading the content. 

Users can be assigned as readers using the read confirmation popup.

The popup is accessed through the read confirmation status icon on the page

Use the Edit readers popup ellipsis menu option to search for users and add or remove users as readers.

The reader is added to the popup.

In a workflow, you can edit the workflow read confirmation configuration to add users as readers when a read confirmation is added to the final state. 

The read confirmation status for the content is pending until all assigned users have confirmed. Only the read confirmation for the most recent version that the user confirmed is displayed.

A duedate can be added for the completion of a read confirmation by all assigned readers. The remaining period of time to the due date is displayed in the popup.

Read confirmations that have been confirmed by all assignees (readers) are recorded in the page activity report.

The current read confirmation status (Pending, Confirmed or Overdue) is recorded in the space document report.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more