Comala Document Management app provides a REST API for integration with external services.

At this time the API focuses on content level endpoints to get status and interact with workflows on a page level. 

Documentation & Resources

To learn more about each of the endpoints you need to choose the ContentWorkflowResources section in the REST API documentation.

(info)  You cannot add a workflow to a Confluence content on our public API

(info)  No metadata info is available in the REST API

Please feel free to contact us via https://support.comalatech.com with details of your requirements and we'll look into it for you.

Although the Comalatech Workflows REST API cannot add a workflow to content, an alternative way to achieve the addition of a Comalatech workflow to content is to use a space wide workflow, but limit it to only pages in the space with a specific label.  You can use the default Confluence API to add or remove labels to activate the given workflow on a page. Be aware that you may need someone with scripting experience for this.

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