The progress tracker bar can be found at the bottom of the workflow popup:

The bar always starts at the first state in the workflow and as the workflow transitions, a blue line is drawn through to the current state.

Scroll over the progress tracker to display the states in the current workflow.

Show or hide the progress tracker

The tracker is visible by default, but you can choose to hide it by editing the workflow using workflow builder or the markup editor.

You can also edit a state to hide its display in the progress tracker path.

What it shows

The tracker bar lists all workflow states (except hidden ones) in the order they're defined by the workflow.

The progress tracker also displays:

  • the next state for the transition from the current state.
  • the final state in the workflow (if defined).

If the current state has a content review, scroll over the Approve and Reject buttons to display the destination states for the review.

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