This screen allows space administrators to edit the values of parameters defined with the {workflowparameter} macro in templates which are applied in space mode.

A workflow parameter will ONLY be added to the space tools Parameters screen if it has been defined with a default value in a workflow .

For example, across the workflows added to the space above there are three workflow parameters with defined default values.

  • Due Date with a default value of P5M (5 Months)
  • Editor-in-Chief with a default value of user Suni Conn
  • Expiration Period with a default value of P7D (7 days)

If a workflow parameter is not displayed then the workflow may need to be edited to add a default value for the parameter

  • if the workflow is copied to the space as a space workflow (space scope) you can edit the workflow in space tools Comala Document Management dashboard to add a default value for a workflow parameter.
  • if the workflow is added to the space but remains linked to a global template (global scope) a global Confluence admin needs to add the default value to the workflow in the Global Workflows dashboard.

Editing workflow parameter values

To edit a parameter value just choose the current value it and it will go in to edit mode.

This value will then be used in the workflow

  • the updated value will be used when first applying the workflow to content
  • content with the workflow already applied will not have the parameter value updated

If a {workflowparameter} macro has the edit=true setting users will be able edit the value at page-level via the workflow popup

The edited value for the parameter may only be available for use in the workflow after a transition occurs from the state in which it was changed.

See: Workflow setup 

Deleting values

You can also delete the value, however it might cause problems if the associated workflows are still active.

By default

  • using Delete to remove the parameter value in the space tools Parameters screen will not delete the parameter defined in the workflow
  • removing the workflow from the space that was the source of the added parameter does NOT remove the parameter value from the space tools Parameters screen

When adding a space workflow, a parameter reference value may only be available for use by the workflow after a workflow process, such as a transition, occurs.

For example, the initial state should not include the use of the parameter reference value for a due date or pre-assigned reviewers for approvals to avoid blocking your workflow. Alternatively, you can choose to Initialize states when applying a space workflow.

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