At Space level, Comala Document Management can operate in one of two modes: Page Mode or Space mode.

What is Page Mode?

In page mode, workflows are applied on a page-by-page basis, so each page has its own unique workflow template. Great for development, testing and training, but difficult to manage!
  • end-users choose which workflow to apply to an individual page or blog post 
  • workflow template selected by the user is cloned to a page, the original template is unchanged
  • user changes to the workflow added to a page only affect the page it's used on
  • the updated workflow can be saved as a new space or global workflow template (if the user has space or global admin permissions) 

How do I enable page mode?

If enabled, a user can add a workflow to an individual page.

  • page workflows for content in the space must be enabled by Confluence global administrators.
  • the individual user will need edit permission for the page to add a page workflow.

The Add Workflow option will only be enabled in the page action menu if there are no space mode workflows active for the content.

Page workflow templates

Space admins can limit the workflow templates that be used in a space by

  • accessing the Document Management tab in space tools.
  • choosing the List drop-down Page Workflow Templates option.

The lIsted page workflow templates are either:

  • global scope workflows that are workflows that have been enabled in the Document Management global workflows dashboard by a global administrator.
  • space scope workflows that have been added by a space administrator.

Space admins can:

  • make any space scope or global scope page workflow template active or inactive in the space.
  • remove a space scope page workflow page template from the space.

Note that page workflow templates will be listed even if the space has been globally configured to restrict the use of page mode.

Even if all page workflow templates are removed or inactive in a space, users can still add a workflow with custom states as a page workflow.

Where do I manage page workflow templates?

On pages or blog posts:

There's also a repository of templates in Space Tools:

App configuration

Page Workflows

Configuration - Global

Confluence Admins can limit which spaces are allowed to use Page Mode.

What is Space Mode?

In Space Mode, workflows are applied to all content in a space (optionally filtered by label or content type) and templates are centrally managed. Recommended for production use!

  • Workflows applied automatically on page creation
  • Space admin chooses which templates to apply
  • Templates are centrally managed at Space / Global level
  • Changes to the template affect all content using that template

How do I enable Space Mode?

You'll need space admin privileges.

Add one or more templates to the Document Management tab ("Document Management Dashboard") – it should look a bit like this:

Only one workflow can be applied to content at any one time. Making a workflow active in the Document Management space dashboard will override any active page workflows in the space.

  • the active workflow placed highest in the dashboard will be the workflow applied across all the content in the space.
  • content labels can be used to filter the application of a space workflow, allowing more than one active workflow to be applied in the space but across different content based on the label filter.
  • space scope workflows can be edited, copied or removed using the ellipsis menu option.

If a workflow is added to the dashboard with a global scope:

  • it remains linked to the global template.
  • any changes to the global workflow template will be implemented in this space.
  • this global template is automatically active and will override all other active space scope workflows.
  • it can only be edited at the global level.
  • it cannot be deactivated. It must be removed from the space.

Where do I manage templates?

Both Space and Global scoped templates can be used:

Templates can also be imported:

App configuration

Space Workflows

Configuration - Global

Confluence Admins can limit which spaces are allowed to use Space Mode.

Workflow management overview