Confluence Page Properties can be accessed using Value References.

Where can they be used?

They can be used in any macro that supports Value References or Conditions – see Conditions, Content and Value References for a list.

How to use them

First, define your page properties.

For example, here we've defined a property named "Reviewer" with a user @mention as its value:

You can then refer to that property, by name, in a value reference: @Reviewer@

Here's an example workflow using the reference

{workflow:Page property}

Only the user defined by the "Reviewer" page property will be able to approve that review, and, due to the &, they will automatically be assigned to the review.

You can use other types of value as well, such as text, Expiry Dates and so on.

Referencing properties on other pages

You can reference properties on other pages by adding the page title, like so: @Some Page:Reviewer@

If you want to reference a page in another space, add the Space Key too, like so: @SOMEKEY:Some Page:Reviewer@ 

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