The Page Activity Macro is used to display the activity report in a page. It's great for displaying recent activity in a page header or footer. 


When used on a page without a workflow, all users can see the report (it will list page creation, edits, etc).

When used on a page with an unrestricted workflow (which does not define any final=true states), all users will be able to see the report.

When used on a page with a workflow which uses Same-space publishing (one which defines a final=true state):

  • Edit/Admin users will see the full report
  • View only users will only see entries up to the point at which the most recent published (final=true) state was entered
  • If the page has not yet reached a published state, view-only users won't be able to view the page or the report

Adding the report

To add the report to a page:

  1. In the editor, choose Insert → Other Macros → All → Page Activity
  2. Customise the report to your requirements
  3. Choose Insert

Here's how the macro looks on your page:

Same-space publishing

If your workflow uses Same-space publishing, the activity report will only list entries up to and including the most recently published version of content.

Customising the report

You can customise the report with the following macro settings:

Max EntriesAll entriesThe number of results to show
Reverse orderNo
Check the box to reverse the order of the report

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