The markup editor shows the macro markup for your workflow template.

When editing a workflow

Access the markup editor in workflow builder

Choose the markup icon { } in the top right of the Navigator panel to toggle to the markup editor.

Markup editor

The markup is editable and any saved changes will be reflected in the visual flowchart in workflow builder Navigator and Workflow panels.

After editing, choose Save – this will overwrite the existing workflow with the changes you have made.

Toggle to view the changes in the workflow builder panels.

You can also view the saved workflow on the page without returning to the workflow builder panels by choosing Exit.

When working in the markup editor some added workflow elements for complex workflows although valid may not be compatible with workflow builder. If this occurs a warning will be displayed prior to confirming the changes. Once these are saved to the workflow, all further changes to the workflow can only be through the markup editor.

Once you fix the workflow markup you can use the builder in either workflow builder or the markup editor. These errors may be due to use of deprecated elements in your legacy workflow. 

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