This page describes how to install Scrollport Server app with Comala Document Management.

You will need the following apps:

In particular, the Scrollport and Comala Document Management for Scroll Exporter apps must be compatible versions. You can see by the release notes of the Comala Document Management for Scroll Exporter which version of K15t Scroll Viewport it is compatible with.


Integrate Scroll Viewport with Comala Document Management to give you the option to only publish content that has been approved through every step of a Comala Workflow, and is in the final workflow state.

This state can be any Comala Workflow state with the final=true parameter, regardless of the name of the state. 

Scroll Viewport and Comala Document Management are both class-leading flagship products in their own right: now, you can combine them in your spaces for ultimate control over publishing or approved content and workflow management:

  • Comala Document Management allows you to define customized workflows to create, review, approve and publish your content
  • Scroll Viewport Server allows you to present Confluence content as a help center. One or more help Viewports can be setup. Each help viewport can be customized.

The Scoll Viewport integration when activated, allows only content that has been published to the final workflow state to be displayed in the Viewport view. If there's a page that has content in the final state, as well as content in a draft state, editors will be able to access the draft content via the Confluence view, whereas your readers can only see the final state through the viewport view

  • Step 1 Activate Scrollport

    Scrollport must be activated in your space and a Comalatech workflow must be configured for your space

  • Step 2 Configure Viewports in the space

The integration does not work in spaces that are managed with Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations.

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