Comala Document Management app is generally compatible with any app available for Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center.

If you find an app that isn't compatible, please ask the app vendor to contact Comalatech Support.


Some apps require additional settings or other customizations to get the best results.

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Note: See "Full list" table for below for additional integrations not listed in the categories above.

Full list of integrations


Confluence Server
and Data Center

Blueprints5.8+Page and Space Blueprints
Confluence Chart macro5.8+Graphical charts
Content by Label macro5.9+Content lists
Confluence Search5.9+Content discovery
Page Properties macro5.8+Metadata values
Page Properties Report macro5.8+Metadata reporting
PDF and Word export5.8+Export to PDF and Word
AdaptavistTheme Builder4.xConfluence theme
BrikitTheme Press2.1+Confluence theme
Zen Foundation5.3.3+Confluence theme
ComalatechComala Publishing2.4.3+Publish to other spaces
Remote Publishing for Comala Document Management2.5.1+Publish to other servers
Comala Metadata2.x+Metadata and Reporting
CommunardoMetadata for Confluence3.0+Metadata management
GliffyGliffy Diagrams for Confluence6.5.3+Flowcharts and diagrams

All Scroll Exporters:

  • Office (Word)
  • CHM
  • DocBook
  • EclipseHelp
  • EPUB
  • HTML
  • PDF (prior to v4.0.12)
LatestDocument export formats
Scroll PDF Exporter4.0.12+Enhanced integration with PDF placeholders
Scroll Versions3.7.4+Multi-version/variant documentation
Scroll Viewport Server2.11.0+Display only final state content in Viewport
Midori Global ConsultingArchiving Plugin for Confluence6.1.2+Content usage tracking and archiving
RefinedWikiRefined Theme for Confluence4.2.13+Confluence theme
Seibert MediaDraw.io Diagrams for Confluence6.3.4.0+Flowcharts and diagrams
Linchpin Theme2.2.0+Confluence theme
ServiceRocketReporting for Confluence6.0+Reporting engine
Slack TechnologiesSlack Notifications6.11.3Dark Mode feature in 6.11.3
StiltSoftTalk app2.6.0+Advanced inline comments


Integration guides are for content producers, workflow authors, administrators and systems integrators.