This tab allows a space admin to import workflows from the Workflows Exchange

The workflow is imported to the page workflows templates dashboard in space tools.

Confluence Admins can restrict this feature to members of a specific user group – see: Configuration - Global.

You also may be required to validate your credentials depending on the configuration of the Confluence server. 


You can optionally filter the workflows to a specific category – either via the dropdown category menu, or by choosing a category button shown at the bottom of each workflow.

Show/hide workflow flowcharts

This option allows you to toggle the workflow flowcharts on and off using the Show diagram slider.


Choose the Import button next to a workflow.

Confirm that the import.

This dialogue box will warn you with an IMPORTED lozenge if a workflow of the same name already exists in the space.

Choose how to import the template

Choose IMPORT to add the workflow.

If added as a space workflow

  • the workflow can be used in space mode
  • it can be edited and adapted to your needs, just like any other workflow
  • the workflow template can be saved as a template to the global workflows dashboard in workflow builder (if user has global admin permission)

If added as a page workflow template

You can also choose the Refresh button at the bottom of the Import workflows screen in space tools to update the list with the currently available workflows from the Workflows Exchange.