Screen Location: Confluence Administration → Comala Document Management section → Import Workflows


This tab allows a Confluence Admin to import workflows from the Workflows Exchange.

Note: Confluence Admins can restrict the space-level equivalent of this feature to members of a specific user group – see: Configuration - Global.


You can optionally filter the workflows to a specific category – either via the drop-down list or by clicking a category link shown at the bottom of each workflow.

A workflow may be in more than one category.

Show/hide workflow flowchart

This option allows you to toggle the workflow flowcharts on and off using the Show Diagram slider


Choose Import next to a workflow will import it as a global (scope) workflow

Choose Learn more to view further details of the workflow in Workflows Exchange.

You can refresh the displayed list of currently available workflows for import from Workflows Exchange by scrolling to the bottom of the Import Workflows screen and choosing the Refresh button.