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Comala Document Management is Data Center compatible

Reviews / Approvals

Add content reviews to get sign-off from process stakeholders
User Guide Content Reviews | Authoring Guide Concepts - Reviews

Assign Reviewers

Assign reviewers from a list, or let the team decide
User Guide - Assigning reviewersAuthoring Guide - Reviews | Authoring Guide - Reviewer Assignment Examples

Verify Credentials

Optionally prompt reviewers to authenticate their identity
User Guide - Credentials Prompt | Authoring Guide - ReviewsAuthoring Guide - Reviewer Authentication Example

Track Review Process

See at a glance who's Approved or Rejected
User Guide - Content Reviews | Authoring Guide - Reviews

Review Groups

Create layered reviews and dependencies between reviews
User Guide - Review Groups |Authoring Guide - Reviews | Authoring Guide - Adding Multiple Reviews Example

Add Tasks

Automatically add assignable tasks via the workflow, or let users add their own
User Guide - Tasks Popup | Authoring Guide - Tasks

Read Confirmation

Request read confirmation from users for published workflow content (or standalone content)

Automatically add users as readers via the workflow or let page editors add their own 

User Guide - Read Confirmation | Authoring Guide - Read Confirmations

Set Deadlines

Add customisable deadlines to workflow states and tasks
User Guide - State Expiry Date | Authoring Guide - Expiry Dates

Customisable Notifications

Send emails, add page banners, Confluence notifications and more...
Authoring Guide - Notifications| Authoring Guide - Triggers| Authoring Guide - Custom Email Example

Trivial Workflow Creation

Everything you see above was achieved with this one simple script
Authoring Guide | Macros | Examples

{workflow:name=Feature Page Simple Approval Workflow 1|label=featurepage}
A Simple Approval Workflow, a page's state can be for 'In Progress','Review', or 'Approved'.
Only'Approved' pages are visible to Read-only users.
    {state:In Progress|submit=Review|taskable=true|colour=#ffab00}
        {task:name=Check feature definition|assignee=milo}
        {task:name=Update Milestones|assignee=suni|duedate=2020-04-01 00:00}
        {task:name=Allocate team roles}
        {approval:Technical Review|assignable=true|roles=true}
        {approval:Design Review|assignable=true}
        {approval:QA Review|user=&suni}
        All tasks complete!
        Review in progress.

Workflow Builder

Examine, edit and create your workflows with the interactive flowchart tool and markup editor
User Guide - Workflow Builder


Publish approved content to same space, separate space and even remote servers
including Confluence Server, Data Center and Cloud
Authoring Guide - Publishing

Full Audit Trail

Keep track of everything - including updates, read confirmation, versions, due dates and approvals using page activity report or the space document management report
Reporting Guide

Track your own Document Management Actions for tasks and approvals

Reporting Guide / My Document Management Actions

Track the progress of your workflows on the content across your space

Reporting GuideDocument States Report Macro

Track the workflow activity on individual content

Reporting GuideReporting Macro Guide | Page Activity Macro

Search Integration

Add filters for workflow states, approvals and more
Reporting Guide - Confluence Search | Developer Guide - CQL REST API

requires Confluence 5.9 or above


Set and edit metadata, integrates with third party apps
  Authoring Guide - Value References | Authoring Guide - Metadata ReferencesMetadata, Forms and Reporting Integrations | Space Admin Guide - Parameters

Online and Onsite Training

Learn how to get the most from the Comala Document Management app
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Third Party Integrations

Themes, Document Exporters, Reporting, Metadata...
Integration Guides | Developer Guides

Scroll PDF Exporter Communardo Metadata for Confluence Scroll Versions ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence
Stiltsoft Talk Scroll CHM Exporter Comala Publishing Scroll DocBook Exporter
Scroll EclipseHelp Exporter Comala Remote Publishing Scroll EPUB Exporter RefinedWiki Refined Theme
Brikit Theme Press Scroll HTML Exporter Adaptavist Theme Builder Scroll Office
Gliffy Diagrams Midori Archiving Plugin Linchpin Theme

And so much more...

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