Events and transitions

These transitions use triggers to listen for an event and then action a state transition.

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Page parameter update trigger transition

If using workflow parameters, a transition can be triggered when a user edits their value.

The edit=true parameter must be specified on the {workflowparameter} macro for this to work. The workflow popup, in state A, will show a message and button for editing the parameters. Once the parameters are set, the workflow will transition to state B.

{workflow:name=Parameter edit}

Page parameter value required transition

A workflow parameter can be set as a required parameter in a state. This will prompt the end user to set a parameter value when moving into a new state via an approval or state submission selection.

The parameter must be setup as edit=true so a value can be set on an individual page.


Events Transitions

Any event can be used to trigger a {set-state} transition in the same way as the example above.

Events: Any event

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