The read confirmation feature allows workflow authors to request that users confirm they have read certain content.

workflow read confirmation can be enabled/disabled for the final state of a workflow using workflow builder.

In workflow builder the workflow Read Confirmation can edited to:

  • automatically assign users to undertake the read confirmation
  • set a due date for the read confirmation
  • allow users to edit the read confirmation due date
  • allow the reviewer to decide if workflow assigned read confirmation users (readers) are automatically assigned

Readers can be added and edited using the read confirmation popup when the content is in the final state.

Workflow read confirmation

By default, read confirmation is enabled in a workflow.

The workflow default option is for read confirmation to be added every time the workflow enters the final state on an approval transition.

Edit read confirmation

Choose the enabled Read Confirmation in the workflow panel top open the editor.

Users can be assigned to the read confirmation by

  • adding one or more usernames in a comma separated list
  • adding one or group names in a comma separated list

User will receive a request to undertake the read confirmation each time the workflow undergoes an approve transition to the final state. A user will also see their own outstanding user read confirmation requests in their user profile.

A due date can added for the completion of read confirmations.

This can set as a fixed date (YYYY-MM-DD format) or a period from the time of the approved transition to the final state.

The time period can be

  •  a value of one of Year(s)Month(s)Day(s)Hour(s)Minute(s) Second(s)
  • ISO_8061 format e.g. P1Y6M for 18 months; P1DT12H for 36 hours.

The due date value can also be an appropriate value reference.

Check the box to allow users to edit the due date in the read confirmation popup on the content.

Disable read confirmation

In the workflow panel choose the read confirmation green-tick slider.

Confirm the request to DIsable the workflow read confirmation.

The workflow panel will display Read Confirmation as disabled. 

Enable read confirmation

If read confirmation is disabled for the workflow, enable read confirmation by choosing Read Confirmation in the workflow panel.

The read confirmation editor will open.

Add any configuration required for the read confirmation.

Choose Enable.

Read Confirmation is enabled for the workflow.

For any changes including disabling/enabling a read confirmation ensure you:

  • choose Add in the read confirmation editor to confirm changes for the workflow read confirmation
  • choose Save in the navigator panel to add these changes to the workflow
  • select Exit in the Navigator panel to add the updated workflow to the content

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