Edit the workflow parameters using workflow builder

You can use workflow builder to add workflow parameters and their values. Workflow parameters can be accessed when in the workflow builder workflow panel.

The number of workflow parameters in the workflow are listed. If none are present +add option is displayed

Parameter editor

Choose Parameters in the workflow panel

Existing workflow parameters are listed by name with (if present) the parameter description and set parameter value.

Choose the parameter name (if present) to open the parameter editor.

Use the parameter editor to amend the

  • parameter name (required)
  • type of parameter value (required)
  • parameter value (optional)
  • parameter description (optional)

Choose the checkbox to allow users to edit the parameter value using the page tools menu on the page.

If a default value is added for the workflow parameter, then the workflow parameter can be viewed in the space tools Document Management dashboard and space admins can edit the parameter value for the space.

Add a workflow parameter

To open the Add parameter panel select one of the following:

  • +add (or the current number of parameters) in the workflow panel
  • +Parameter in the parameter list panel
  • +Parameter lozenge in the navigator panel

You must add a name for the workflow parameter and choose the type of parameter value from the dropdown menu to create a new workflow parameter.

Check the Editable checkbox to allow users to change the parameter value.

Types of workflow parameter


Text string

Comma separated list of one or more Confluence usernames

Comma separated list of one or more Confluence group names

Use the parameter editor value type dropdown menu to set one of following formats

  • time period in one of years, months, years, days, hours, minutes or seconds
  • ISO 8061 format time period
  • fixed calendar date
  • value reference

To add a list parameter type

  • add a parameter name
  • choose options in the Type dropdown menu to add your list items

To add each list item, in the Options dialogue box

  • type the option name
  • use a comma to add a new option

Each added list item will be a dropdown option choice in Value for the default parameter value in the workflow.

For any changes, ensure that you:

  • Choose Add in the state editor to confirm the changes for the state.
  • Choose Save in the navigator panel to add these changes to the workflow.
  • Select Exit in the Navigator panel to add the updated workflow to the content

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