Screen Location: Space Tools → Document Management → Document Management tab


This screen allows space admins to choose whether the space runs in space mode or page mode, and, if running in space mode, which workflows to apply to all content in the space.

If there is one or more active workflows listed on the Document Management Dashboard, the space is running in Space Mode, otherwise it's running in Page Mode.

You can view templates available for users to apply in Page Mode by choosing the Page Workflows Templates option on the Space Workflows v dropdown menu.

In space mode if a global scope workflow is present then (and there is no content label filter) the global scope workflow will be applied to all content in the space. If no global scope workflow is present then

  • enabled space scope workflows (green tick slider icon) are automatically applied to all content in the space
  • workflows are applied in the order in which they appear on the list in the dashboard
  • first listed workflow will take priority 
  • once a workflow has been applied to a piece of content, no other workflows will be considered for that piece of content
  • if a workflow has filters (content and/or label parameters on the {workflow} macro), it will only be applied to content matching those filters

Remember that ONLY one workflow can be active on an individual page or blog post at any one time. 

Add an existing workflow

The available workflows include those defined in Workflows - Global, and also any from Import - Space Tools.

Choose  + Add Workflow button (bottom of dashboard) to open the workflow picker.

Select a workflow and choose Next.

Choose either

  • Link the Global Template (adds workflow as an active global scope workflow and cannot be edited by space admin)
  • Copy as Space Workflow (adds workflow as an inactive copy of the global template that can be edited by the space administrator for the space)

If choosing Link to Global Template there is no option to Apply & Customize. The chosen global workflow template is only editable by the global administrator.

Choose Apply to add the workflow to the space.

Create a new workflow

In the Document Management Dashboard create a new workflow by

  • choosing the + Add Workflow button
  • choose +Create Workflow in the workflow picker

Workflow builder is opened in the space with a simple two state workflow

  • edit and name this workflow to create a new space scope workflow
  • choose Exit in workflow flow builder to add the new workflow to the space dashboard

A new workflow can also be created by the space admin by copying and editing an existing workflow in the Document Management Dashboard

  • choose the ellipsis option of an existing workflow in the workflow table
  • choose Copy
  • choose the ellipsis option for the copied workflow
  • choose Edit

Workflow builder is opened in the space with the copied workflow. Edit the workflow and choose Save then Exit to add the changes to the workflow in the dashboard.

Workflows dashboard listing


Name of a Space scope workflow 

Click on the name to open the workflow inspector to view the description and the workflow visual flowchart.

Choose the tick slider icon to disable the workflow in the space.

› Workflow with a label

This workflow specifies a label – it will only apply to content with that label.

› Global scope workflow

You can use a workflow defined at the global level.

As a space admin, if you want to edit a global scope workflow, you must make a copy of it and edit that.

You cannot disable a global scope workflow in the space. You can only Remove it from the space using the option in the ellipsis menu.

See all available workflows for adding to the space  by choosing Workflows - Global ← Global link only shown if you are a Confluence Admin

Only active workflows in the global workflows dashboard will be available to add to a space.

Ellipsis/Actions menu


What it does

As seen on...


Opens the workflow editor.

See: Workflow Authoring Guide

Space scope workflow only
Initialize States

Allows you to force content using the workflow in to a specific state.

Any active workflow
CopyCreates a disabled Space scoped copy of the workflowAll workflows

Removes the workflow from the list (sometimes causing it to be deleted)

All workflows

Remove Warning

If you add a workflow to this screen by copying an existing workflow, or creating a new workflow, then removing it will actually delete it (because it only exists on the Document Management Dashboard).

You'll get a warning like this:

No warning will be displayed if you choose to Remove a global scope workflow. The workflow is simply removed from the current space but the template is not deleted from the global workflows dashboard.