Use this feature to create a completely new workflow on a page or blog post.

This feature is only available in page mode.

Adding the workflow

Choose Page Tools → Add Workflow... to display the Add Workflow dialogue box.

Select Apply only to "pagename" to add a workflow in page mode.

Choose Next to open the Add workflow picker.

Choose Workflow with custom states – it's at the bottom of the scroll-down list:

Defining states

Choose the Workflow with custom states. A text box will appear with two default states – In Progress, Approved.

These two states can be removed, replaced by new states or states can be added to the existing states using this text box.

Simply enter the states you want, separated by commas.

The order added will be the order they will be displayed workflow builder and the initial order of the states in the workflow. If required, you can change the order of the states later in workflow builder or the markup editor.

Choose Apply & Customize to open the workflow builder.

The default workflow is unrestricted (state lozenges are blue) - there is no final state in the workflow.

In workflow builder the custom states workflow can be edited before applying to the page. This includes:

  • renaming the workflow
  • adding states or editing state names
  • changing the order of the states in the workflow
  • adding approvals and transitions to states
  • defining a state as a final state
  • enabling read confirmations for the final state

To add and apply to the page choose Save and Exit to view and test the new workflow.

To make further changes, edit the workflow using workflow builder or the markup editor.

In workflow builder, admins can save the new page workflow as a template stored at space level or global level with appropriate admin permissions.

For help in workflow authoring see

Default markup

The markup produced is very basic – just the {state} macros for the states you listed. An example is shown below:

{workflow:name=Custom States Workflow}
    {state:In progress|taskable=true}

For more information about macros, see: Macros

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