In "taskable" workflow states, you can add your own workflow tasks via the Tasks Popup.

Open the Tasks Popup

Click on the Tasks link in the Workflow Status Bar to open the Tasks Popup:

Note: If the Tasks link is not visible, you can add it via Page Tools Menu → Add Task.

Click on the New Task text and enter the name of the task.

Naming the task

Type in the task name – this should be a concise statement about what needs to be done.

Assign the task

You can @mention a user, just like you can in a Confluence task; they will be added as the assignee of the task.

Task description

If you want to add additional information, press Shift + Enter to start a new line, then you can add a description.

Submitting the task

Pressing Enter will submit the task.

Notifications and reporting

Depending on App configuration (see below) anyone assigned to the task, or watching the page will receive notifications to let them know of the changes.

Details of the changes will also be stored in the Activity Report - Content.

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