The "Content by Label" macro, bundled with Confluence, allows you to build simple reports using Confluence search filters – including those added by the Comala Document Management app!

Note: This feature requires Confluence 5.8 or above.

Setting up the report

Add the Content by Label macro to a wiki page in the usual way.

In the sidebar you'll see an option to specify a label, and, under it, an option to "Add filter":

Search the Add filter drop-down for filters containing the word Workflow – these are the filters added by the Comala Document Management app.

In the example above, we've selected the Workflow State filter. That filter automatically provides a list of all states available on your wiki, so all you need to do is choose one.

In the screenshot above (click to zoom), we've chosen to list all pages with the Label macro and the Workflow State New Draft.

Chose Preview to see the results.

Essentially it allows you to define search criteria, just as you would on the main Confluence Search page, and have the results displayed directly in your content. This is perfect for creating documentation dashboards and "to do" lists.

Available Filters

The following workflow-related search fields are available if you are using Confluence 5.9 or above:
Filter NameCQL FieldTypeNotesVer
Has WorkflowawphasworkflowTEXT

Filter to content which has a workflow applied

Use true as the text value.

Workflow Approval AssigneeapprovalassigneeUSER

Filter by assigned reviewer

See also: Assigning reviewers

Workflow ApproverapproverUSER

Filter by user who approved content during a review

See also: Content reviews

Workflow StatestateTEXTFilter by current workflow State4.10+
Workflow State ChangestatechangeDATEFilter by date of last workflow state Transition4.11+
Workflow State ExpirystateexpiryDATE

Filter by current workflow state Expiry Date

See also: State expiry date

Workflow Task AssigneetaskassigneeUSER

Filter by workflow Task assignee

See also: Assign a task

Workflow NameworkflownameTEXT

Filter by workflow name


Read Confirmation Status


Filter by the read confirmation status.

Possible values: pending, acknowledge, overdue


These fields can be used in Confluence Search, any macros that support CQL and the CQL REST API.

An example of some of the filters in action:

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