This page describes how Comala Document Management app integrates with the native PDF and Word Export features of Confluence when using Same-space publishing.

Page-level export

When exporting pages and blog posts as PDF or Word the current state of content will be published, respecting Published vs. Draft if using Same-space publishing:

Workflow state typeNotes

No workflowLatest version of content is exported

Unrestricted workflow stateLatest version of content is exported

Draft workflow state

Draft version being viewed is exported

Published workflow statePublished version is exported

See Status Indicator Circles and Publishing for more information.

Draft content export

When exporting Draft content, the associated workflow state will be shown in the output, under the page title, as shown in the image below:

Note: By default, only users with Edit or Admin permissions can view draft content.

When we exported this page as a PDF, it was still in the "New Draft" state. If we exported a Published state version, the state name would not appear in the export.

Space-level export

At the space level, we only integrate with the PDF export.

  • For pages without workflows applied, the latest version will be exported as usual
  • For pages with workflows, but where there is no final=true state in the workflow, the latest version will be exported as usual
  • For pages with workflows that have a final=true state, only the published content will be exported; draft content will not be exported. There is no way to export a draft version of content with the space-level PDF export.

If the space is exported as HTML or XML, the latest versions of all pages will be included.

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