The Chart macro, bundled with Confluence, in conjunction with the Document Stats Report macro, provides a great way to create graphical summaries of workflow states in your content.

Stats table

Start by adding the Document Stats Report macro to a page

You can preview to check the results

Chart macro

Now you've got the desired output from the Document Stats Report macro, it's time to add the Chart macro.

Copy-and-paste the Document Stats Report macro into the body of the Chart macro.

Report columns

The Chart macro assumes the first column, 0, is a series name, but the Document Stats Report macro uses it for the first state.

In the Chart macro's Columns setting add the number 0 and then enter a comma-separated list of the states you want (the Document Stats Report column headings)

For example, to display the following workflow states Editing, Approved, Published and In Progress, add the following

  • "0, Editing, Approved, Published,  In Progress" (a total of 4 columns or 4 pie segments)

The chart macro with the document stats macro in the body will be displayed similar to the following in the page editor

Here we have used the chart macro to display the chosen document stats report information as a pie chart.

Here we have limited the chart display to the Approved and Published states in the pie chart by adding "0, Editing, Approved, Published" to columns in the chart macro

As you can see, this is a really fantastic way to provide reporting for documentation dashboards.

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