This page describes how to access metadata from the Communardo Metadata for Confluence app in Comala Document Management Value References.

You will need Communardo Metadata for Confluence version 3.0 or above.


The ability to utilize metadata in Comala Document Management gives Space administrators a flexible new tool for customising the approval process of their pages.

This integration connects Metadata for Confluence to Comala Document Management Value References, allowing you to create rich user interfaces for metadata management, advanced reports and more.

Users familiar with workflows markup language will find working with metadata easy to incorporate into their workflows.

In addition, we have also integrated the Different-space publishing with Metadata for Confluence. You can configure metadata sets and fields in your draft space and then when you publish content from your draft space to your target space, your metadata will also be published in the target space.

Getting the value reference

To use Metadata values in your workflow, all you need is the value reference – and it's super simple to find!

Go to Space Tools → Metadata → Metadata fields tab and you'll see all the value references listed in the Key column as illustrated below:

Using the value references

You can now use those keys as the Value References in your workflows, simply by wrapping them with @ (at) symbols..

For example, to use the Deadline (metadatafield.deadline) and Main reviewer  (metadatafield.mainreviewer) metadata fields, highlighted in the screenshot above, in a content review:

{workflow:name=Metadata example}
    {approval:Editor in Chief|user=@metadatafield.mainreviewer@}


You can use the value references to create custom Conditions for the following macros:

For example, you might want a Trigger that only fires when the main reviewer edits a page:

      {set-message}Main reviewer updated this page{set-message}

(warning)If using value references in the pagecreatednewscreated, pageupdated, or newsupdated events, metadata values might not be available if they are still being updated. 

Data types

The table below shows how Communardo Metadata data types should be mapped to Comala Document Management value reference types:

Metadata for Confluence TypeComala Document Management Type
or list

Note: links are treated as plain text, but any macro supporting wiki markup (eg. {pageheader}) can wrap the text in wiki link notation.

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