Screen Location: Confluence Administration → Comala Document Management section → Migration Assistant OR Confluence Administration → Atlassian Cloud → Comala Document Management Migration Assessment

Migration to Confluence Cloud

Exploring migration from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud? We are here to help.

If you want to keep managing documents in the cloud, you'll need to migrate to Comala Document Management for Confluence Cloud.

You can read more about our migration roadmap for our Comala Document Management app at

Comala Document Management Migration Assistant

If you would like to discuss your cloud options with a member of our Comala Migration Team, please open a support ticket at

You can help us understand in more detail how you use Comala Document Management for Server by including the usage data as an attachment to the email/support ticket.

A global administrator can choose the Comala Document Management Migration Assessment in the global admin sidebar and copy the usage data.

The Comala Document Management Migration Assessment screen will display a summary of your team usage on pages and across spaces.

The usage data for the app is displayed in the grey box on the screen.

Select and copy the contents of the Usage data dialog box.

Simply paste the usage data to a text file and submit this to the Comala Migration Team with a support ticket via

If no usage data is displayed, you must enable the storage of usage data in Comala Document Management - Global Configuration You may need to wait a few days for the Migration Assessment to collate representative data.