The CQL Filter parameter of the Document States Report macro now accepts Confluence CQL format functions, keywords, and can include OR and comparison operators (from v.6.16.7+).

(warning) prior to v6.16.7 CQL filter in report macros must be in the form FieldName:Value

(info) The only workflow CQL searchable fields are those listed in Comala Document Management CQL Rest API page together with the Atlassian Confluence CQL fields.

Using CQL filters in the document-states-report macro

Simply add the CQL format filter (see - Confluence CQL keywords) to the CQL filter dialogue box in the document-states-report macro editor

For example, the following pages all have the label hr in a space.

But our added CQL filter will cause the report to display only the page(s) that have both the label hr and were created by the user matilde.

You can use functions in the CQL, for example, the following includes an OR function.

This will display content that has either

  • the label hr


  • has been created by the user matilde

(info) Filters are additive, if there are any logical clashes then no results will be returned

The CQL field awphasworkflow=true is always applied so content without a workflow will not be included in the report.

Other compatible CQL filters include

  • contributor=username
  • creator=username
  • label=labelname
  • title=pagetitle

Beware that errors may occur when the specified CQL filter and the macro filter options overlap. Also note that CQL itself has limitations that mean that certain field types only support certain operators

CQL filter examples

There is no content with the specified labels

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