In a content review, when assigning a reviewer you can assign a role.

The assignment of a role to a reviewer must be enabled for each individual approval in a workflow.

How do I know if I can assign a role to a reviewer?

Look for the Role dialogue box next to the user when assigning a user:

Assigning a role to a reviewer

Click the Role option on the workflow popup and enter the name for the role of the reviewer.

  • choose Create "..role_name..."

  • select Assign

If roles have already been added for any previous reviewers, these will be available as an option choice.

An assigned reviewer role will be displayed when adding additional reviewers.

An assigned reviewer when viewing the workflow popup for the content review will see their reviewer role added as a lozenge to the popup.

Enabling the assignment of a role to a reviewer

Each approval can be configured to enable the addition of a role to an assigned reviewer.

  • edit the approval using workflow builder.

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