Adding a Read Confirmation

A read confirmation can be:

  • a standalone read confirmation for pages or blog posts (where no workflow has been added).
  • specifying readers in a workflow using workflow builder.

A standalone Read Confirmation cannot be added to content with an active workflow. 

If a workflow is added to content, any existing standalone read confirmation will be overridden. If the workflow is subsequently removed, the previous standalone read confirmation will become active.

Standalone Read Confirmation

A standalone Read Confirmation is added using the page action menu.

The Read Confirmation status (double-tick) icon will appear on the page.

A read confirmation breadcrumb is also displayed in the page footer. This will be contextualized to the current progress of the Read Confirmation and the current user.

Workflow Read Confirmation

A read confirmation can be enabled in a workflow using workflow builder (or markup editor).

  • read confirmation will be active on the final state.

The workflow default option (unchecked in workflow builder) is for read confirmation to be added every time the workflow enters the final state on an approval transition.

The read confirmation can also be configured in workflow builder to allow the content reviewer to decide in the workflow popup to request a read confirmation on the transition to the final state.

 If enabled, the double-tick read confirmation status icon will be displayed on the page in the final state of the workflow after an approval transition.

When a previously published page is updated at any point, any assigned user read confirmations will reset set once the page re-enters the final state in the workflow.

Requesting User Read Confirmation

In a standalone read confirmation, users can be requested to undertake read confirmation by page editors using the read confirmation popup.

Users assigned to read confirmations are readers. Readers can be added and removed in the read confirmation popup.

Read confirmation status will be PENDING if no readers have been assigned or a single assigned reader has not confirmed.

In a workflow read confirmation, users can also be assigned to a read confirmation using workflow builder (or markup).

  • individual users and/or groups can be assigned read confirmation.
  • workflow parameters can be used.

Due date can also be set in the workflow read confirmation configuration  

In the final state, requested user read confirmations can be added using the read confirmation popup.