Actions are Macros which can be put in Event Triggers. When the event is detected, the trigger performs the actions.

They are extremely useful because they enable the workflow to automate common tasks - from adding labels, to sending emails and even synchronising content with another server.


In this example, the {trigger} listens for the pagecreated event (only available in Space Mode) and then performs the {set-message} action.

{workflow:name=Action macros}
     {set-message}This is a new page created by @creator@{set-message}

Value references

Most actions support Value References, such as @creator@ in the example above.

These are named placeholders for information stored somewhere else, and they allow your actions to respond dynamically to current workflow and content state.


Certain actions will trigger notifications. For mode details, see the macro documentation below.


Action macros must be placed inside the macro body of a {trigger} macro.


Certain actions will generate additional events. For more details, see the macro documentation above.

App configuration

Certain macros will be affected by application settings. For more details, see the macro documentation above.


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