Comala Document Management 6.6


Comala Document Management 6.6 is a feature update release.

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What's new

Document Management Space Dashboard page

The Document Management Dashboard page has been refreshed.

  • Clarified the enabled/disabled state of each workflow.
  • The workflow diagram can now be found by clicking on the workflow name

Read Confirmation

Comala Document Management 6.6 brings updates to the Read Confirmation feature:

Standalone Read Confirmations

Previously, Read Confirmations could only be used as a part of a page approval workflow. Now Read Confirmations can be added to any page without the need for reviews and approvals.

Setting Due Date

A due date can now be added and updated in the Read Confirmation dialog by clicking on the clock icon.

Read Confirmation request option

At final review, the reviewer can decide if read confirmations should be assigned.

New Read Confirmation Triggers

This release adds several new triggers for Read Confirmation actions:

  • confirmationrequested
  • confirmationdue
  • confirmationcompleted
  • confirmationacknowledged

Other fixes and updates

  • Fixed an issue happening when importing certain global workflow templates.
  • Fixed an issue where the {approve-children} macro was not working if the child was in a different state. Please see documentation for more information
  • Fixed an issue with multiple approvals that always showed the first approval even if there were others assigned to the current user

Page Snapshots beta feature removed

  • We have removed the 'snapshots' beta feature that was shared with several customers. 
    • Workflows with the {create-snapshot} macro will not work until the macro is removed,
    • Snapshots will no longer be displayed in the page activity history,
    • Existing page snapshots that were created will remain in the Confluence home directory and will need to be manually removed if no longer required.

API Updates

The Java API includes new events corresponding to the new read confirmation triggers.