Comala Workflows 6.4


Comala Workflows 6.4 is a feature update release.

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What's New

Approval Roles

This release introduces a new feature that allows approvers to use the optional approval role field to record the roles that your approvers are performing. This is a more flexible method of capturing roles compared to named reviews, and allows you to easily assign ad hoc roles when necessary.

These roles can be created and shared to group other reviewers.

Suggested Contributors

Comala Workflows will suggest assignees that are specified in the user, group, selectedapprover or selectedapprovers parameter on the {approval} macro. If these parameters are not specified, recent contributors to the page will be suggested.

Confluence 7.0 compatibility

  • Comala Workflows 6.4 is now compatible with the new Confluence 7.0 version

Other fixes and updates

  • Fixed a problem with the "hide progress tracker from the workflows page dialog" option.
  • Fixed a performance issue when retrieving workflow parameter values.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances a page can not be approved after workflows history is cleaned.