Comala Document Management 6.16.11 is a minor update and bugfix release.

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  • improved logging and integration with ServiceRocket's "Reporting for Confluence" app
  • updated XStream Compatibility libraries and modules to support xstream.allowlist.enable=true (requires Confluence 7.13.5 or Confluence 7.16.2+)
  • updated libraries for improved stability and performance


  • update to support the use of brackets as characters in Confluence usernames and group names (for example, user=Charlie(1) or group=super(projectalpha)group )

  • when migrating to Cloud, the current workflow state is now migrated for content where the last workflow state change transition was actioned by a deleted user, an anonymous user, or a 3rd party app

  • resolved a problem causing an exception when using BrikitTheme

  • fixed a "write-operation" exception that occurred when reindexing the workflow

  • fixed a null point exception error when using the send-email macro