Comala Document Management 6.14.2 is a bug fix release.

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Updates and bug fixes

  • updated the page activity report page and page history to stop the display of the read confirmation popup when viewing these reports 
  • updated read confirmation checkbox to remain open if invalid credentials are inserted
  • updated Document Report to improve clarity when displaying a duedate that has expired for a state and approved ver 
  • fixed a problem that duplicated global workflow templates when importing from backup
  • resolved an error display issue when removing readers who had confirmed a read confirmation
  • resolved an issue requiring a user to add a specific time when setting a new due date - if no time is added, time is now set to 00:00 on the day of the new due date
  • resolved an issue allowing multiple assignees when using multiple approvals in a state
  • resolved an error when a Select transition is removed from a state
  • resolved an error display issue when an anonymous user views 'public' content