Comala Document Management 6.14.1


Comala Document Management 6.14.1 is a feature update release

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What's New

New Support Console

You can now help us investigate issues by downloading a Support Package using the Support Console option in space tools.

The Support Package can help in general debugging and/or sharing your workflow(s) with our Support Team.

  • The Support Console screen has been added to the space tools Document Management dashboard

Space admins can create and download a support package detailing

  • global and space configuration settings for Comala Document Management (and will include these settings any other installed Comalatech apps)
  • details of all active and disabled Comalatech workflows in the space

The Support Console can also select a page in the space to include specific data for that page

  • JSON content properties
  • debug data
  • page status passed to REST API
  • page activity

The Support Console creates and automatically downloads a .zip file locally that can be submitted as part of a Comalatech support ticket to help identify any issues.

If updating from a version prior to 6.14.0, after the update, an upgrade task should be initiated by a Global Administrator to ensure that all data required for the Document Actions report is available. See Upgrade to 6.14.x for more details.


  • improved performance of the Page Activity report

Bug fixes

  • resolved an issue related to page numbers in the document states report
  • fixed an issue related to assigning a reviewer in the workflow popup
  • fixed an issue with the actions queue that prevented subsequent actions from being executed in some cases